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Analysis of time management

This week I did no work on the project due to other commitments getting in the way of this project. So for this week I decided to do a quick analysis of my time management and the project overall.

In terms of meeting personal milestones I was able to complete the first maze design and greybox by Jan 30 which was behind of my first milestone, however this was not a problem for production and caused no domino affect. For the second maze I was able to design and greybox the maze by Feb 7, 3 days before my milestone. This was very good and meant we could have a least 2 mazes for the game. As we decided to not have a third maze until we finished the other mazes, the third milestone of designing and greyboxing the third maze by Feb 21 was not applicible anymore. My next milestones will be to continue to implement assets into the maze which will be the final deadline in line with the team members of April 27th.

The project overall has been going very well, the core gameplay systems are all in place, with most of the models being produced, with the ones linked to core ones that link to mechanics either been made or soon to be made. The use of Notion has helped with this, allowing us to track the production of models, and the addition of adding a picture of the model once produced has allowed me especially to check quality of the work. I am comfident in my teams ability to complete this project to a good standard and to time if we continue with the progress we have made currently.

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