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NHS Project chosen game and aesthetic theme

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

A multicursal style maze (has multiple paths but only one critical path to the center). The game will be isometric fixed point perspective, with the camera moving with the player.

At the center of the maze in game there will be a portal where the player lets their caught fireflies go. To reach the center they will have to solve a series of lock and keys puzzles as detailed below.

The name of the game will be Fireflies as that is what the player will be collecting in the game.

Locks include:

Doors that stop players from progressing

Broken bridges that stop players from crossing gap

Toads that hurt player

Fallen Tree that block path

Keys include:

Putting a certain amount of fireflies in a a tree stump to open door

Cobwebs that fix the broken bridge

Feed Toads flamebugs to make them go away

Burn down fallen tree with flame bugs

The aesthetic theme for the game will be neon forest, drawing inspirations from other media such as the film Avatar and games Ori and the Blind Forest, Shepherd of Light and Concrete Genie. The game mechanics will also draw from these games, mainly from Shepherd of Light with the door lock mechanic which requires you to put a certain amount of sheep on a button to open a door as well as using flaming sheep to burn down fallen trees and get around obstacles.

The team name for this project is The High Council, this because it resonates with as a team as we are all like the Star Wars Prequels and feel like we are the Jedi Council making a game.

The team members for this project are:

Daniel Fairchild – Team Leader/Designer

Kristian Phillips – Programmer

Rowan Dalton – UI programmer/graphics designer

Aran Everitt – Sound Designer

Bart Jasik – 3D asset artist

Sandra Rutkowska – 3D asset artist

Aaron Taylor – 3D asset artist

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