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Project finish and review

Updated: May 5, 2020

This week I QA tested the game to search for bugs and see that all the systems were working. Everything was working but I found a few visual bugs like z clipping walls, objects being wrong orienatations and missing particle systems on certain firefly objects.

This now concludes my work on the project. Overall I think the game came out really well, with everyone on the team creating great quality assets. If I were to design this game again, I would add a degree of randomness with the spawn of fireflies, this would then add more replayability to the game. However, this would mean more complexity to the game which may impact on game performance which is key for mobile games. A third maze was not added to the game as we did not want to take up too much space on the app, as the game was going to be part of an overall app for the NHS that houses lots of different games. In comparison to other maze games, this one holds up well as it has two layers, the navigating of the maze and the solving of simple puzzles which makes the game both fun and engaging.

The overall production of the game went well, the use of Notion was very useful because as team leader I could easily track the progress of the team and manage the project milestones, all of which we hit either before or on the time. The use of Github was also very useful as it allowed us to work on the project together easily, without having to send different versions of it to each other.

For the project I also tracked my hours using a time sheet as seen below:

As you can see I mostly stuck to my planned time of 11:30-13:00 on Wednesdays with some variations due to events preventing from me working on it, causing me to work on different days pr like in the case of Covid-19, allowing me to have extra time to work on the project on different days.

Overall, this game was a sucess, allowing me to create a good looking portfolio page from it. This page was influenced by my research into game designer portfolios. Having gameplay and design decisions was influenced by Jay van Hutten's Portfolio, the breakdown of responsibilities and contributions was influenced by David Shaver's and Micheal Levells Portfolios.

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