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UI asset implementation

This week I implemented UI assets into the UI systems, replacing button backgrounds, adding font to text and adding game logo.

Main menu

Start screen

Pause screen

Maze complete screen

The font and button backgrounds was chosen by team member Rowan. For the start screen we decided to have a series of images with information on how to play the game, such as tap to move to a location. These images can be cycled through by the arrows either side of it. There is also a male and female toggle button so players can chose their character.

This week I also fixed a bug we had were you could not move due to the camera being blocked by walls, to fix this I increased the angle of the camera so they can see more of the path.

The background for the main menu is still yet to be made, so the aim for next week is to get that made and implemented as well as continue to looking into optomising and bug fixing.

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