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Grey boxing first maze

This week I spent time taking the first level 2D level design and making a grey box from it. At first thought I could grey box it from hand using measurements for each gap, and then laying out the walls by eye but soon found out that wouldn't work as near the end I realized there would not be enough space for the right side of the maze.

Next I tried using a series of rings which I would then subtract gaps from and add the walls but I soon realized that wouldn't work as the rings aren't completely equal in the design.

Finally I decided to put the image on square base, before I had put it on a circular base but which messed it up a bit with texture stretching , but with a square base I realized I could accurately grey box it as I just had to lay out the boxes on top rather doing it by eye. So I placed the texture on a 10000x10000 base and then laid out the different size geometry boxes on top. For curves, I used a series of short boxes, each angled to give the impression of a curve. This would then be able to be imported into the 3D modelling software we would be using to create the assets accurately.

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