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Implementing Frog

This week I implemented the frog made by Bart and Sandra.

I had already made the code for the frog before so this process was just replacing the temporary cube mesh with the frog skeletal mesh. I also implemented code for it to play its death animation before disappearing. This was simple as he only had one animation meaning I could just have a piece of code to play the animation rather than setting up a animation blueprint like with the characters.

I made him that big as he is suppose to stop the player from progressing, if he was his original size the player could easily pass him, so instead I scaled him to a scale of 10 to block the players path. Luckily this did not mess with the nav mesh like with the bridge so once destroyed the player could move to where the frog was.

My goal for next week is the same as last weeks, to keep polishing the scene and bug fixing. Next week I should also have implemented the new walls made for the game.

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