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Maze 2 design

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

This week I designed the second maze, this will be the medium difficulty maze with the previous being the easy one. This beat my deadline of Feb 10, however I only designed it on paper and the design is not yet implemented into engine yet. This will be my objective for next week

For the design process I did what I did with last maze, take a digital maze and draw out the puzzles and firefly locations on top of it in coloured pencils and then recreated it in Photoshop.

I asked the team for feedback on the design and Sandra made the point that a lot of the fireflies are in corners and that there should be some more in the middle of corridors. From this feedback I change the some of the positions of the fireflies.

Unlike the last maze which was a maze I found on google images, I used this website I found called to design this maze. This allow me to randomly generator a circular maze using different parameters. It also includes a setting to show the solution to the maze which made it easier to plan out the puzzles and different positions of the fireflies. This better than me designing a maze by hand is as it a lot faster than me hand designing it and the mazes will be better as it is randomly generated. I will use this website again to generate the next hard maze.

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