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NHS Pre-Production Planning

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

For the NHS project I set the team a series of milestones.

Modelling team:

Have basic models done by Feb 17

Intractable assets done by Feb 28

Character done by Mar 6

Environmental assets done by Mar 27

Polished the scene by April 24

Finished model production by April 27


Have prototype ready Feb 14

All mechanics implemented April 24

Bug test done by April 27

Personal Milestones:

Design and grey box first maze Jan 24

Design and grey box second maze Feb 10

Design and grey box third maze Feb 21

I will be mainly working on the project every Wednesday for 2 hours 11:30-13:30. If I am unable to do this time, I will have the same time on Sunday or 16:00-18:00 on Monday. By having two back up plans, I can guarentee working on the game during the week.

If any milestones are not hit in the modelling team, then the model will be reassigned to another person in the modelling team. If the programming side milestone is not hit, I will assist as I have experience and a good level of skill in Blueprints in Unreal Engine 4. A game jam will be organised near the end of production to allow for any work needed to be completed in time, here team members would be able to work together in person to push to completed the final milestones.

We will be managing the project via two Trello Boards, by using an agile kanban style of production we can easily track progress on the project an make milestones. Trello also allows us to break down each step into different steps, such as for the main character we can add a checklist to the model break it down into different steps including modelling, rigging, texturing, animating and implemented.

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