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UI Implementation

This week I implemented the games main UI system. This consisted of an inventory on the player's heads up display (HUD) and icons on interactable icons to indicate required resources to interact.

I used the icons that Rowan sourced for me and then photshopped to have colour. This was very easy to implement apart from the cobweb icon which broke when imported into engine.

This was the image I was greeted with when I imported it into engine. I exported it into photoshop and rexported it as differenet colours and settings and nothing changed, so I sourced a new picture for the cobs web icon which is the icon you see on the HUD.

The interactable icons were easy to implement as I just created a widget with the symbol and number amount. I then created a 3D widget componet in the blueprint.

The only one I had to edit was the one for the tree stump as the amount required, was based on the different doors, so I had to implement a bit of code to link the value of in the widget to the door.

This image is in editor, not game so does not display the actual amount on the door. Once the game starts all the values will change to their door amounts.

The amount variable is linked to a binding in the widget which is linked to the amount text, this is then set by the interger variable from the required item quantities variable which is set manually on each tree stump.

This week my time keeping was distrubted as my usual work times overalapped with industry week talks, so I did my work at a seperate time, on the Friday instead of Wednesday. The work itself was straight forward as I have a lot of experience using the UI systems in Unreal, the only issue was the cob web icon but I soon found the fix in using a differnet icon which was a annoying but I think does not make a difference to the overall look as it still looks like a cob web.

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